BBF Model Big Bag Filling System

BBF Model Big Bag Filling System


BIG-BAG filling systems are used in bagging of bulk material in granule and powder form, reducing the bagging, conveying and storing costs in great amounts. In a way they are green systems in environmental manner. Increasing the bag volume from 25-50kg to 500kg or 1-2tons, the production and stocking capacity is increased.

Esit Big-Bag filling systems are produced in a broad line starting from manual filling, going till automatic filling, dust capturing and re-using units. For very fine powder type of materials, double covered Big- Bag sacks, special production can also be done. Varying of the customer needs, material supply or turn-key projects can be accomplished. The system consists of mainly the flow control part-helix-vibrator, belt, double position lid etc., Bag capturing mechanism, bag inflation, dust collection, aspiration, weight measuring unit-indicator, load cell, control panel, main carrying mechanical construction, pneumatic pistons and valves. The system is designed according to the type of Big-Bag used in the site. In various environments such as PVC, cement, raw mine, borax PP (polypropylene) PTA (pretrephtalic acid), AYPE, YYPE (polyethylene), PS (polystren) etc.


  • Fast and accurate weighing
  • Programming bag number
  • Adjsutable lower and upper limts
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Limit of tolerance alert


Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel
Conveyor belt with idlers  Conveyor belt with idlers
Automatic bag hold/release  Automatic bag hold/release

Available Models:

Model BBF 500 BBF 1000 BBF 2000
Capacity 500kg 1000kg 2000kg
Fiiling Sensibility 1/1000 1/1000 1/1000
Fiiling Rate 30 bag/hour 20 bag/hour 10 bag/hour

Areas of Use:

- Dosage Control Systems
- Food
- Cement & Construction
- Chemistry & Petrochemistry
- Mining