BS Model Belt Scale

BS Model Belt Scale


Electronic conveyor belt scale system enables the weighing of bulk materials carried by conveyor belts during the conveying process. The flow amount (capacity) is proportional to the speed and the material on the belt.

Conveyor Belt Unit With Idler(s); They are designed to fit every kind of conveyor belts used in the industry and located in place of one or a group of idlers where the belt moves on. The unit is a steel construction which realizes the weight of the bulk material on the belt by means of load cells. Depending on the single-idler group construction (SIB) with two load cells or multi-idler group construction (MIB) with 4 load cells are used. The protection is IP68 class.

Control Terminal; The measured value is displayed digitally by the microprocessor based model LCA control device. Daily, statistical data can be prepared and printed if LCA terminal is connected to DLMS software.

Available Models:

Model BS 1000 BS 2000 BS 6000
Accuracy Class 0.5 0.5 0.5
Debility Flow (max) 1000 t/h 2000 t/h 6000 t/h
Belt Rate (max) 3 m/s 3 m/s 3 m/s
Capacity 10-100 kg/m 20-200 kg/m 100-550 kg/m
Belt Angle (max) 18° 18° 18°
Belt Width (max) 800 mm 1000 mm 2000 mm
The distance between the Rollers 500-1500 mm 500-1500 mm 2500-1500 mm


Areas of Use:

- Cement & Construction
- Chemistry & Petrochemistry
- Mining