CW Model Check Weigher

CW Model Check Weigher


CW Control Scales consist of a weighing belt and a digital control terminal. The weighing belt, which is integrated into the existing conveyor belt system, operates automatically. Products are weighed in motion as they pass over the weighing belt and packages with inaccurate weight are identified. When such a package is identified, audio and light signal system is activated. There are various rejection options available such as marking, separating by leverage, upsetting, etc.

In addition, Esit CW Control Scale's digital control unit is capable of producing reports on production quantity and the number of packages with inaccurate weight, which play a very essential role in maintaining production control.

Weighing Belt operates on load cell technology. Based on the type of application, weighing belt can be used standalone or with entry and exit belts. Entry and exit belts are employed if the controlled products need arranging. It is also possible to use a rejection system on the weighing belt or the exit belt. Belts are independent and self-driven.

Control Terminal The system consists of a PWI indicator, a PLC and and an operating panel. The user can change such data as package type and operation parameters by using the Authorized Key on the panel. The load value on the weighing platform can be instantly viewed via the indicator. It is also possible to display the weight of the last package, the total number of packages weighed, the number of packages within accepted limits and the number of packages outside accepted limits.


Relay contact to be set with set point  Relay contact to be set with set point
4-20mA çıkışı  4-20mA çıkışı
Entry belt for seperation  Entry belt for seperation
PC and printer optional outputs  PC and printer optional outputs
Entry and exit regulating belt options  Entry and exit regulating belt options

Available Models:

Model CW 3 CW 6 CW 15 CW 60
Capacity (kg) 3 6 15 60
Maximum Rate (pc/minute) 120 100 80 60
Accuracy Static(g) 1 2 5 20
Accuracy Dinamic(g) 0.5-10 1-20 2-50 10-200
Belt Dimensions LxW (mm) 300x200 400x300 500x400 1000x600

Areas of Use:

- Food
- Cement & Construction
- Transportation & Logistics