FS Model Flow Scale

FS Model Flow Scale


These systems are used to measure the flow rate of the materials in powder or granule form, which can flow with the free flow principle.

They find usage in systems where conveyor belt scales or flow meters are not applicable such as vertical flow streams.

The free flowing material is allowed to fall freely on an inclined plate which is mounted on load cell(s). The load cell(s) measures the impact of the flow on the plate. The system measures the momentary flow or the total amount passed and produces control signals either in 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue output or digital outputs as relay or RS232-485 outputs.


  • Immediate flow
  • Total flow
  • Control signal output

Available Models:

Model Capacity (t/h) Capacity (m3/h) Linearity
FS 20 10-20 12 - 25 %1
FS 50 25-50 30 - 60 %1
FS 100 50-100 60 - 125 %1
FS 200 100-200 125 - 250 %1

Areas of Use:

- Cement & Construction
- Mining
- Agriculture & Farming