CH Model Livestock Weighing Scales

CH Model Livestock Weighing Scales


CH is a digital and fully electronic scale used in weighing cattle and sheep. The weight of live animals is an essential element, which should be kept under strict control in order to achieve the desired performance in today's livestock fattening industry.

The scale platform is capable of weighing one cattle at a time. The platform features a cage-like banister with two gates enabling entry and exit of the animal. CH is bundled with a digital-display indicator, which can either be mounted on an indicator column or used indoors as a desktop indicator.

Once animal is placed on the weighing platform, the entry and exit gates are closed in order to prevent any movement. It is possible to print the measured weight if the scal is connected to a printer. In addition to printing each animal's weight individually, the system can also print the total weight of the entire herd at the end of the weighing operation.


  • Galvanized steel platform
  • Iron sheet platform ground with a diamond pattern texture that avoids slipping. Wooden protective part at feet level
  • Waterproof, stainless steel load cells in IP68 protection class
  • Double-display indicator
  • Alphabetic character entry
  • Capability to define 7 headings
  • Capability to define 100 data fields under one heading and 10 data fields under the other headings
  • 9 different and storable settings for piece counting
  • 9 different and storable settings pricing
  • Reporting
  • Changeable units
  • Various language options
  • Automatic and multiple taring
  • Printer output
  • Computer output
  • Remote display output
  • Date and time display
  • CE approval


Remote display  Remote display
Control outputs  Control outputs
Ramp  Ramp
Printer  Printer
Column  Column


Metrologic properties  
Capacity 1500kg
Division 200g
Division (Legal trade) 500g
Linearity (Legal trade) 600g
Repeatability (Legal trade) 200g
Max. display division 1/15.000 - 1/30.000
No-motion time 0.5 sn - 3 sn
Materials Galvanized steel / Stainless steel
Protection class IP68
Loadcell / Loadcell number 4 adet
Platform dimensions / Platform weight 125x200cm / 425kg (Galvanizli Çelik)
125x200cm / 380kg (Paslanmaz Çelik)
Model ART-S
Material Stainless steel
Protection Class IP65
Indicator Kırmızı LED
Keyboard Dust and humidity-proof membrane type keyboard with 20 tact type keys
Communication Outputs RS485 / RS422 / RS232 / Paralel Yazıcı çıkışı / Harici Gösterge
Functions Tare / Gross / Zeroing / Totalize / Piece counting / Barcode printing / Report printing /
Weight 4.1kg
Operating temperature range -10°C...+40°C
Storing temperature range -20°C...+70°C
Excitation voltage and power 220VAC - 50Hz (12-24 VDC optional)

Areas of Use:

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