Special Load Cells Model PLC

Special Load Cells Model PLC


PLC pin type load cells are specially designed for crane systems. They are mounted on the balance roller of the crane's lifting mechanism and they sense the load exerted on the roller.

With its steel alloy construction coated with corrosion-retardant paint as well as its strain gauge area which is welded with a stainless steel cover, PLC is protected to IP68 standards meaning that it is fully immersible. PLC load cells provide overload control for cranes and lifting machines, and measure the weight of the load being lifted.


Maximum capacities (Emax) kg 2000 5000 10000 30000 60000
Accuracy (OIML R60)    
Maximum number of verification intervals (nlc)    
Minimum verification interval (vmin)    
Combined error % ≤ ±1.0
Creep error over 30 min. (DR) % Emax  
Minimum load % Emax 150
Maximum safe overload % Emax 300
Maximum safe sideload % Emax  
Ultimate load % Emax  
Stretching (Emax) mm  
Maximum excitation voltage (Umax) V 10
Rated output (Cn) mV/V 1mV/V
Zero balance %Cn ≤ ±5.0
Input Resistance Ω 380 ±20
Output Resistance Ω 350 ±20
Insulation resistance ≥500
Compensated temperature range °C -10...+40
Operating temperature range °C -40...+80
Load cell material   Steel
Sealing (EN60529)   IP68
Cable length m 5
Cable diameter mm 5
Weight kg 0,9 kg 1,1 kg 2,5 kg 11,7 kg 12,7 kg
Package dimensions / weight cm/kg 1,2 kg 1,4 kg 2,8 kg 12 kg 13 kg

Areas of Use:

- Overload Control Systems