100 road to watch on CIM to gain the tools of statistical data collection and events that were developed as diagnostic purposes. The basic functions, the establishment of the tapes from the sensor to determine the direction of vehicles, a measure of length, speed and number of the measurement is determined.

E-CIM 100, the function of each sensor is established by two cycles in total up to 8 lanes with a single device could perform.

Census and statistics alone device can be used as a superior system for communicating with the development of the event can provide detailed information on this system immediately.

RS-422 communications and information relating to the transition by using the converter, you can transfer data up to 1km away.

E-CIM 400 has 19''3U rack mount module, for service it can be changed easily as a whole. Links to the entire front of the device and its socket provides significant advantages in case of changing.


  • Speed of vehicle
  • Length of vehicle
  • Number of vehicle
  • Scaling date and time
  • Number of the lane

Available Models:

E-CIM-102 2 Lane (4 Loop)
E-CIM-103 3 Lane (6 Loop)
E-CIM-104 4 Lane (8 Loop)
E-CIM-106 6 Lane (12 Loop)
E-CIM-108 8 Lane (16 Loop)


Areas of Use:

- Under Construction.