E-WIM 400 Model WIM

E-WIM 400 Model WIM


E-400 WIM is developed as a classification device overload at high speed to prevent violations of axle weight measurement and tools. High-speed WIM (Weigh-In-Motion: Motion Weighing System) system for measuring traffic flow allows weight because when you stopped checking stations play an important role as a pre-warning system.

E-WIM 400, highway facilities and the cycle is constant electronic load sensors (loop) is working with the sensor. Tools of the weight of each axle for axle groups and gross vehicle weight can be set separately. The device may work alone, with warning lamps, personal computers, precision measurement and can be integrated with high-speed video camera system.

E-WIM 400 19 "rack size can be changed easily for service. Euro module is designed in the form. The device includes lead-acid battery charger circuit and the solar energy input. It has long-range data communications for wired isolated RS-422 (1km), short-range wired RS-232 communication port for maintenance. M-400 can transfer information with GSM-Modem WIM via the GSM network to the greater distance.


  • Total weight of the vehicle
  • The varity/class of the vehicel
  • Rate of the vehicle
  • Weight of then vehicle's axle
  • Wheel distance
  • Length of the vehicel
  • Scaling date and time
  • Roadway Number

Available Models:

Model Specifications
E-WIM 401 for Single Roadway
E-WIM 402 for Double Roadway

Areas of Use:

- Transportation & Logistics