DR Model DR Dynamic Railway Wagon Scale

DR Model DR Dynamic Railway Wagon Scale


ESİT-DR Dynamic Railway Vagon scales are automatic weighing instruments which can take measurements without separating vagons from the train. The total weight of vagons and the train combination is determined by evaluating the weights of each axles by using ESİT-DR Dynamic Railway Vagon scales which are especially used for weighing load carrying trains. They save a significant amount of time and labour cost.

ESİT-DR Dynamic Railway Vagon scales are constructed to an appropriate segment of railway in the loading-unloading train stations. Train that is to be weighed, is passed through the scale with a specific constant velocity. DR, measures the axle weights of the train in motion and sends the data to PC which is connected to the system. The PC calculates the velocity, vagon weights and the total weight of train by evaluating these data. It determines the net weights by weighing twice or by the tare informations entered before. Then prints the desired information.


  • Rubber footings
  • Lightning protection
  • Steel cable housings
  • Protected structure against outdoor weather conditions
  • Strong against overloads and damped loads
  • Easy and fast assembling
  • Classification of vagons
  • Entering brief information about train combination
  • Constant tare record
  • Possibility of adding 3 extra columns
  • Displaying the axle weights and mean velocity of train while passing
  • Possibility to place the emblem of the firm on the documents
  • Adding, cancelling and authorizing users
  • Printing and displaying the weighing records in the desired time interva
  • Reporting by company information, date, vagon number,train direction and material
  • Row and column based easy record entering table
  • Option : Entering the vagon number by viewing the pictures of vagon during recording
  • %0.5 sensibility for total train weight
  • %1 sensibility for single vagon weight
  • 2 km/h Minimum measurable vehicle velocity
  • 20 km/h Maximum measurable vehicle velocity


  • PWI X,Indicator


Automatic vehicle recognition system  Automatic vehicle recognition system
Printer  Printer
Ex Proof scale  Ex Proof scale
Camera System  Camera System


Model Nominal capacity (ton) Minimum capacity (kg) Sections e=d* (kg) Platform size (m) Platform Loadcell number Loadcell model J-Box Indicator
O30T DR 1812 30 1000 50 1,8x1,24 Steel 4 HSC J-4 PWI-X


Model HSC
Protection Class IP68
Mounting Kits HSC-EL
Fixed operating temperature interval -10°C ... +40°C
Operating temperature interval -40°C ... +80°C
Model PWI-X
Protection Class IP54
Feeding tension and strentgh 90-265VAC 60W
Operating temperature interval -10°C ... +40°C
J-Box connection box  
Protection class IP66
Material Alüminium
Fixed operating temperature interval -10°C ... +40°C
Operating temperature interval -40°C ... +80°C
Feeding tension and strentgh 220VAC <500W (with monitor and printer)
* Multi interval option available.
** You can find detailed information about Load cells and Mounting Kits, in Esit's Load cell and Mounting Kit catalogue.
*** You can find detailed information about the Indicators used with Truck Scales, in Esit's Indicator and Control Devices catalogue.

Areas of Use:

- Cement & Construction
- Mining
- Iron & Steel
- Transportation & Logistics