PWI Model P, Controller

PWI Model P, Controller


Though a small-size and cost-effective member of the PWI series, the PWI-P panel type indicator/controller finds application virtually in all industries thanks to its versatile programs and functions.

PWI-P can be used alone in various automatic weighing applications, laboratories, test devices, and tank weighing, filling, discharging, batching and bagging systems. Furthermore, it allows for various industrial input and output options which make it possible to communicate with PLCs, computers, etc.

The user selects the related program from the menu and the indicator uploads the necessary parameters to its memory.


  • Panel type plastic housing
  • 6-digit red LED weight display
  • Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with tact keys
  • Taring, zeroing, function and adjustment keys
  • Zeroing within the entire measurement range
  • Gain adjustment for load cell output
  • Excitation and output voltage display for load cell
  • Battery-protected non-volatile memory
  • Split test program
  • Batching program for 6 items
  • Bagging program
  • RS232 serial output


  • RD Remote Display


RS422  RS422
RS485  RS485
Remote display output  Remote display output
External relay card  External relay card
Binary output  Binary output
Analog output (4-20 mA)  Analog output (4-20 mA)
Analog output (0-10 V)  Analog output (0-10 V)
2 internal relays  2 internal relays


Accuracy class (OIML approved) 6000d (III)
Input sensitivity 0.5µV/dijit
Sensitivity 0.005%
Zero and gain stability 1.2ppm/°C
A/D converter 24bit Sigma-Delta
Digital filter Adjustable numerical filtering
Reading frequency 12-100Hz
Number of Loadcells allowed 8 adet (350ohm)
Analog input range ± 10mV/V
Excitation voltage 10V DC
Operating temperature range (OIML approved) -10°C +40°C
Storage temperature range -20°C +70°C
Operating voltage and power 12-24V AC / 12-36V DC - 5W
Operator handling and Display  
Keyboard Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with 20 tact type keys
Weight display 20 mm, 6-digit, 7-segment, red LED (standard)
Function display kg, Center-of-zero, no-motion LEDs
Program Indicator -
Material and protection class Plastic, IP54
Weight 0.5kg
Package weight and dimensions 0.6kg, 21x16.5x8cm
Communication Standard | Optional
Serial communication output RS232 | RS422 / RS485
Parallel printer output - | -
Binary (BCD) output - | 1-18bit
Remote display output - | Check
Digital input / output - | 4 inputs / 8 outputs (1A)
Analog output - | 4-20mA / 0-10V
*BCD and digital input/output options cannot be used at the same time.

Areas of Use:

- Dosage ControlSystems
- Constant Flow Systems
- Production Line Error ControlSystems
- Food
- Cement & Construction
- Chemistry & Petrochemistry