ART Model Indicator

ART Model Indicator


With its compact and state-of-the-art structure as well as its high level of sensitivity and improved functions, Esit's new generation scale indicator, ART offers the users all the features they expect. The indicator has a durable ABS plastic housing and it can either be mounted on the scale column or placed on a desk.

Double-display ART indicator allows entering data in alphabetical manner, defining codes, reporting, weighing and piece-counting, which make it a truly professional weighing instrument. It can be connected to a computer terminal and various printers.


  • Plastic housing suitable for use on scale column or desktop
  • Capability to indicate weight, message-part and total value on two different display
  • 6-digit red LED weight display
  • 9-character alphanumerical operator's display
  • Real-time date and time
  • Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with tact keys
  • Alphabetic character entry similar to that in cell phones
  • Storable settings for piece counting and pricing
  • Automatic and manual multiple tare
  • Zeroing, function and adjustment keys
  • Selectable unit display options: kg / g / t / N / kN / lbs / OZ / m / oC / oF
  • Selectable language options: TR / EN / RUS / BG / RO
  • Barcode printing: : Code 39 / EAN-13
  • Battery-protected non-volatile memory
  • Gain adjustment for load cell output
  • Calibration key: on/off switch
  • Remote display output
  • RS232 serial output
  • Parallel output to printer


  • RD Remote Display
  • IC Column


RS422  RS422
RS485  RS485


Accuracy class (OIML approved) 7000d (III)
Input sensitivity 0.5µV/dijit
Sensitivity 0.004%
Zero and gain stability 2.8ppm/°C
A/D converter 24bit Sigma-Delta
Digital filter Dynamic numerical filtering
Reading frequency 6-50Hz
Number of Loadcells allowed 8 (350ohm)
Analog input range ± 160mV/V
Excitation voltage 10V DC
Operating temperature range (OIML approved) -10°C +40°C
Storage temperature range -20°C +70°C
Operating voltage and power 220-240V AC / 12-35V DC - 8W
Operator handling and Display  
Keyboard Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with 20 tact type keys
Weight display 20 mm, 6-digit, 7-segment, red LED
Function display 15 mm, 9-digit, 15-segment, red LED
Program Indicator 25 mm, 8x8 dot matrix LED
Material and protection class Plastic, IP54
Weight 1.3kg
Package weight and dimensions 1.5kg, 17x30x15cm
Communication Standard | Optional
Serial communication output RS232 | RS422 / RS485
Parallel printer output Check | -
Binary (BCD) output - | -
Remote display output Check | -
Digital input / output - | -
Analog output - | -
*BCD and digital input/output options cannot be used at the same time.